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Interview With Prominent Green Blog, Greener Ideal

Greener Ideal is an established green blog that creates content focused on healthy living tips, sustainable consumption, and prominent events and innovations in the worlds of eco-technology and green driving.

Jake Madoff, Founder and CEO, of Greener Square, was fortunate enough to be interviewed and profiled by Co-founder and Managing Editor of Greener Ideal, Ian Andrew.

Andrew captured the mission of Greener Square perfectly — detailing the challenge of finding reliable and straightforward sources on conscious consumption:

“That’s why a new green product review site – Greener Square – caught our interest. Greener Square hand selects products produced by socially and environmentally responsible brands, rates the products based on five pre-defined qualities, and provides an easy path to purchase for the customer.

I had the opportunity to speak to Greener Square’s Founder, Jake Madoff, about the inspiration behind the new site, and the role he hopes it will play in increasing the public’s environmental awareness.”

In this post, you’ll read about how and why Greener Square got started, and learn a little more about our team and background.

Here’s a taste of the interview — a response that communicates how Jake got started in the conscious consumerism industry:

“For pretty much as long as I can remember, I’ve been keen on espousing a healthy lifestyle; this mostly came in the form of skeptically looking into the ingredients in the food I would eat and exercising regularly. I’ve also always had somewhat of deep admiration for the natural world. In college, I explored this interest, and it quickly became my primary passion and subject of interest.

I think, though, connecting this more practical sense of healthy living with my knowledge of sustainability and environmental ethics, I came to the field of conscious consumption. I would argue conscious consumption is a nice merriment of these topics. In short then, I got started in conscious consumerism and sustainability research through my love and respect of Nature and overall health. I feel that’s how it usually happens, once you become passionate about something, you really just spend your time learning about and researching it!”

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