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Now, if you’re like me, you: (1) have a rather strong and frequent desire to get behind good causes, and (2) have an even stronger desire to know about the things you buy and consume.

For example, when you’re about to buy a shirt, shoe, or coat–does that voice in your head ever wonder where and how that item was made, or who crafted it? When your’re browsing through cosmetics, lotions, or serums, do you ever inquire as to what’s in the concoction you’re about to rub on your skin? Or, when you’re looking for energy bars or protein powders, do you find yourself analyzing the ingredients and nutritional facts to determine if it’s in fact healthy?

You do, do these things? Same! It’s definitely good to be curious and aware!

But, that kind of vigilance certainly gets tiring and does take quite a bit of time–and let’s be honest, we already have enough to do in our daily lives! So, Agreeable & Co. does it for you. Agreeable & Co. is a very new startup that crafts product reviews with a purpose, researching and rating products on essential values, ones that matter–values related to health, social stewardship, animal welfare, and sustainability.

The startup’s purpose, though, also runs a little deeper.

There is often an experience of cognitive dissonance between actions that are ‘good for you’ and ‘good for the environment’. In other words, I feel that when we see things that are said to be ‘good for the environment’–that are sustainable, let’s say–we mark them as being firstly beneficial for the natural world and secondly for people. We may even think, “Oh, this thing or action is not right for me because I’m not engaged in sustainability.” But, it is right and good for you! I promise!

The mission of Agreeable & Co. is to blur this line and make clear that practices and products that are environmentally responsible are innately good for you, as we humans are part of the ecological fabric of the planet. If we do what’s right and healthy for nature, we do what’s right and healthy for oneself and others. This is a cause to get behind.

I should say, I helped to start Agreeable & Co. and provide research on products, but I wouldn’t consider myself biased. I believe supporting a cause like this is intrinsically good, regardless of if someone in the field gets behind it.

So, in the end, I guess if you related to my message at any point, we share a love of conscious consumption–a love that I hope will only spread as we move into a period where information, health, and ecological productivity will be evermore significant.

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