About Greener Square

Q: What is GreenerSquare.com?

A: In a word, it’s conscious consumerism. We are a social online marketplace for only “greener” products—products that are both good for you and the environment. We guide and connect you to healthy, and socially and environmentally responsible brands and products in a way that is simple and straightforward. Our goal is to promote “greener” choices and informed decisions.

Q: How does the “featured” process work?

A: We feature new companies every week. A company’s products can be featured if they have received high marks, are gaining positive attention in the news for sustainable practices or have a “greener” product line. See our featured products and Greener Square Weekly Reviews here.

Q: What happens after a company is featured?

A: The company and its selected products are stored and can be easily accessed by clicking through the browsing options.

Q: How do I write a review?

A: Only members can write reviews. Members do this by simply typing in the review box below the product they would like to address and clicking “Post” when they are finished.

Q: Can I submit products to be featured on the Square?

A: Yes! Members can submit a product for review and be recognized on the Square if it passes. See the Contribute page for more information. We want to celebrate you for being “greener”!

Q: If I am an environmentally-responsible company, how do I make myself known to Greener Square?

A: Please Contact Us via email to discuss product lines, product selections, sales, discount codes and to see if you qualify to be featured on Greener Square. If your company has already established a relationship with us, please see the “Become a Vendor” link in the footer of our site.

About Our Ratings

Q: What do the badges mean next to a product?

A: Each badge represents a different principle in our 5-part rating system. For example, if our research finds a product to be sustainable, they will be given the “Sustainable” badge. Learn more at our About page.

Q: What kind of research do you do?

A: Our research is strict, thorough and unbiased. We utilize both scholarly documents and findings from pee-review journals — in addition to governmental certifications and seals. To learn about our research and what we look for, visit the Our Principles page. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Q: What are “Greener Qualities”?

A: “Greener Qualities” are qualities that products may possess that we think should be emphasized. We determine if products have these qualities through our conducted product and company research. You can also search products by our “greener qualities,” by simply typing one into the “Search” window.

Q: Why do I only see “vegan” listed for some products, but not others?

A: In order to accommodate as much as possible to the vegan lifestyle, we assess all personal care and food products for their vegan-friendly qualities. We also assess the majority of the clothing and accessory products on this criterion. However, we tend not to assess products in the “Home & Living” category; for example, furniture products may be free of animal by-products, but may not be listed as such.


A: Does Greener Square sell any of the products shown on their site directly?

Q: We do not directly sell any of the products shown on our site. By clicking the “View Price” button, you will be connected directly to the seller where you can continue the purchasing process!

Q: Does Greener Square ship any of the products shown on their website?

A: Currently, we don’t ship any of the products shown on our site. But, we hope to setup a shipping system in the near future!

Q: Does Greener Square make their own products?

A: We don’t make our own products…yet! At Greener Square.com, you browse, socialize and learn.